It’s been said that customer experience is the new marketing. In many ways, it is. The experience you get is what brings you back. And even better, you talk to your friends and colleagues about your experience, which means companies have got to get it right.

We recognise that at Homes By Maxim. We know how significant your house build is to you. We want to plan it, design it and build it with you.

I heard a funny story the other day about a construction company. They were midway through a build when the customer said he wanted to change the garage door from the specified model. A battle ensued as the company was concerned that this change would delay the completion of the home, and so look bad for its reporting. But the company was focusing on the wrong thing. The statistics or the people? To us, the answer is obvious.

At Homes By Maxim, we always want to create happy experiences for the customer. We recognise that building your own home can be a stressful and complicated undertaking — one of the most fraught parts being the pricing. Your home is usually your most expensive asset, so investing in it probably means you need to stick to the budget. Homes By Maxim operates a 80-90 per cent fixed pricing structure.

This means you are given a guaranteed price upfront for 80-90 per cent of the complete home. We set up allowances for the various selections that you make, and if you spend more than the allowance, you pay the difference. Otherwise, you know exactly what you will be paying for 80-90 per cent of the house.

The remaining 10-20 per cent is known as ‘variable costs’ (usually items such as landscaping and driveways etc.), and will be dependent on your brief to us. With fixed pricing, we take all the risk of cost overruns and incorrect estimating.

So, we work hard to make as much ‘fixed’ as possible. This comes about due to a thorough briefing process with you at the start of the build process. We also agree on milestones with you upfront, so you know when you will be paying each instalment of the fixed price.

We also understand how important it is to let you know what’s happening with your home build. Is it on schedule? What problems have we encountered, and how are we solving them? What’s the next step? Have we thought ahead? As a small and experienced team, we can take care of your questions with regular, proactive communication.

And we also recognise that each customer is different, so some will want more information, and others will want less. We can fit in with your schedule, so you’re involved, but not inundated.

We also run a free online portal for customers going through the build process. So regardless of where you live, you can still see regularly uploaded photos and read reports on progress. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with what’s happening.

At Homes By Maxim, we recognise that customer service is not a choice or luxury: it’s a standard you expect. Look at our testimonials on the website and get in touch. We are proud of every single one of our house builds. We hope you will be customers for life. We can promise you a happy home build and one you’ll want to tell your friends about.